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My Webinar: Crypto Currency - The Social Experiment of Our Lifetime

Saturday, March 3, 2018 Crypto Currency: The Social Experiment of Our LifetimeAbdullah Al Mamun Hosted by Abdullah Al Mamun and 3 others From Java User Group Bangladesh (JUGBD)

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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more, gave birth to an incredibly dynamic, fast-growing market for investors and speculators that don't depend on central banking systems or centralized electronic money. Instead, it uses Blockchain as a decentralized network that records and validates cryptocurrency transactions without any central point of failures. It has built an ecosystem of investors, developers, regulators, exchanges and traders that can work as an alternate borderless financial system. The excessive centralized rules of our traditional social systems have polarized the ownership of social resources. The blockchain is the technology with the pote…

Possible Application of Blockchain Technology & Crypto Currencies In Different Industries


Crypto Step by Step Episode 7 Why Invest In Crypto?


CoinStarter Welcomes Two Tech Experts for 2018 Pre-ICO

Today I participated in the CoinStarter ICO that allows other ICOs to launch including the full life cycle. I have already participated in several other ICOs but this one is different in the sense that it being a ICO itself, has taken the mission of helping out other ICOs to launch. So I think they will turn out to be very popular coming up with an unique offering. So I started checking their news and decided to be an ambassador for them. While checking their team, the news below caught my attention. You may read the full news below.


San Francisco, CA - CoinStarter, a coin-based fundraising blockchain platform, proudly announces a fourth quarter appointment of two new advisors to its small, but growing team of founding members.  Joining the platform are Ken Tachibana (UK) and Michael Christensen (Den).  The combination of their respective backgrounds, experience, and presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will help propel CoinStarter to become th…